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Robert T. Carter

I have worked as an Expert Witness for more than 20 years on a range of racial discrimination issues and some cases have involved hostile work environments or racial harassment.

I support my opinions in my reports by including research evidence about the issues in the case and I conduct race based traumatic stress evaluations to assess whether functional impairment has occurred to a reasonable degree of professional certainty.

August 2011 - September 2012

Morristown, New Jersey

Retained as expert witness regarding whether 10 plaintiffs experienced a racially hostile work environment and to offer a social framework and research evidence of potential race-related psychological injury. I was asked to provide an opinion as to whether the plaintiffs had experienced race-based traumatic stress injury.

September 2009 - February 2010

Kansas City, Missouri

Retained by the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division to provide an expert rebuttal report regarding whether the aggrieved persons (19-41) where harmed by a racially hostile housing environment and to offer research evidence about the situation and its frequency.

April 2006 - August, 2007

Chicago Ill.

Retained as expert witness regarding a racially hostile work environment and consumer racial profiling. Issues associated with race and racism in society and psychological harm to plaintiffs. Certified as an expert witness in federal court. My report survived Daubert challenge and I testified at jury trial regarding race-based traumatic stress injury experienced by plaintiffs.

July, 2000 – November, 2001

San Francisco, CA

Retained to provide testimony as expert witness regarding a hostile racial environment at a school and sporting event. My report addressed issues associated with race and culture in society and possible psychological harm to plaintiffs. 


Baton Rouge, LA

Retained in 40-year-old desegregation case by school board. Asked to advise the school board and superintendent regarding modification of desegregation plan as to its psychological and emotional impact. To insure that the plan accounted for various view points of community people and equity resource allocations. I  also helped develop a diversity training program for the district and provided testimony and evidence about the validity of one race schools. 


State Supreme Court, New York, NY

Retained and testified about the racial elements of a child custody case. The child was bi-racial and the parents where White and Black, parents racial identity statuses were evaluated and presented to the court. 

Expert Witness